For some of us the end of Summer brings a proper Autumn season when richly colored leaves fall and dust the streets with every gentle gust of wind and our mood for an evening fire, a good book, and a spot of tea often prevails over watching television.  Yes, we’ve fallen in love with the Art of Fall and especially enjoying oil paintings from long ago that draw us to a more simple time in history.

Featured on this page are just a few of our favorites that once graced the walls of salons of the 19th century.  In a world preoccupied with the fast and trendy, we find ourselves increasingly taking time to reflect on what is not only timeless, but collectible.  We Dames see ourselves in the art we adore.  Modern?  Absolutely! -But classical is forever.

Artist: William-Adolphe Bouguereau (1825 -1905) |  Source:


Artist: Vittorio Matteo Corcos' -Conversation in the Jardin du Luxembourg  |  Dorotheum


Source:  Artist: Leonce J.V. de Joncieres


Source: Royal Albert Memorial Museum | Artist: William Powell Frith 1819-1909


Artist: Marie-Denise Villers | Source: Met Museum


Artist:  Edouard-Jean Dambourgez A Pork Butcher's Shop  | Source: