Envision yourself accomplishing that very thing someone told you was not possible. Imagine how good it will feel disconnecting from the people and places that weigh you down. Feel those negative comments roll clean off your back! The Law of Positive Attraction is a natural phenomenon of polarization that will bounce the good to your life while withdrawing the negative farther away from you. Simply put, we attract the things we think about, good or bad.  Loosen the emotional, social and even the economical constraints placed on you by society. Remember, even in the mist of negativity, the key to your success and contentment is a positive attitude which fosters whatever you channel or attract with your thoughts  and behavior.  Become a sheer visionary by freeing your mind from toxic  clutter and good tidings will flow.  ༺♥ The Dames ♥༻



See the Vintage Transparency Pleated Dress

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