If you think that the century of the Salons have passed, or that the idea of a Salon is not for modern times; think again. While salons may spark past images of blushful ladies in their corsets and extravagant gowns, sitting in a lush private room amusing each other or men wearing powdered wigs or perukes boasting their political views and literary eloquence, we very much still incorporate the idea of salon’s in today’s life. 



Think about the time you invited your girlfriends over for tea, pastries, glossy magazines and chit-chat. While you gossiped about your neighbors’ love life, discussed politics, great books, and tried to get your best friend to eat as much as possible, you essentially experienced the same gathering as a historical salon where conversation and rules of etiquette were particularly prominent. So what to wear for the next night with your besties?  Why not make it a formal affair and dress up for an extra special evening? No men allowed. Assume good manners like a classy Dame.


Grab a loose-fitted caftan gown or sheath style dress to create the illusion of a fancy, well-thought-of outfit, while still being extremely comfortable. Pair it with embellished open sandals and minimal jewelry. Go with a ruby red ♥ rouge lipstick and a light powdery fragrance. All requires minimum effort while still looking like a you fussed over it a bit.

Sheath style dress

A true hostess knows that good food, not party gifts, will get her an invitation back to the next soiree. Whether home-made, or home-ordered, as long as it’s paired with a fine champagne and drinks; delicious small bits on elegant old china or deco plates, it’s sure to be a crowd-pleaser. 



Rosanna Inc

After scrumptious bites, bubbles, and porcelain, the surroundings of your very own salon will have come to life with little out-of-pocket expense. No need to invest in spendy furniture or decor to make your interior look like a historical salon, rather a few inexpensive touches here and there can do surprisingly much. Keep it simple and add splashes of dramatic color with food and fan-fair. -Don’t forget the rouge!


So Dames, when’s your next salon gathering? ♠


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