The History
Red is supposedly the first color perceived by man. When you look back at antique salons, or find yourself lucky enough to visit one, you’ll notice that the color red is prominent in the interiors. From the damask printed walls, to the matching rouge draped curtains, red was undeniably the most used color in salons and privileged houses throughout the 16th till 18th century.

It may have stemmed from the fact the color red was thought to be protective, and powerful. When Napoleon Bonaparte lived in his apartment in the Louvre, red was to be found everywhere throughout his residence. His apartment shows an exceptional record of Second Empire decorative art, with imposing dining room features such as gilt bronze decorations, and, you guessed it, red furniture.

Napoleon's Apartment

Napoleon’s living quarters in the Louvre, Paris.

Think of the countless salon gatherings he must have hosted there. Even in that man-made world, the influence the women in the salons can be found in the art and architecture that stemmed from this historical time.

Marie Antoinette


The Present
To modern women, the color red provokes images of love and fidelity. While we rather put a ruby red lipstick on, than decorate the master bedroom with gold and red drapes surrounding the bed, there are lots of easy hacks that you can use to give your own modern salon a dash of redness.


For example, an accent here and there will still make red the main color of the room without overusing it. An abstract ruby red painting, with a matching red carpet on your hardwood floors makes for a modern interior with a dash of Marie Antoinette. While most of us aren’t brave enough to paint a wall entirely red, playing with the color red around the house will hopefully inspire you to live like a modern muse in your very own salon.


Rouge lips have been in uprising since Coco became Chanel. Channeling your inner French madame, wearing a red garment will make you feel endlessly powerful. If you have the luxury to wear Valentino red, why not make it a weekly affair wearing it with Dior’s rouge couleur longue haute tenue lipstick, and Louboutin red soles? Have a sip of sauvignon wine, you’ve earned it!