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Elaborate Asian Robe with Exaggerated Butterfly Sleeves


Offered for sale is this very elaborate and unique ceremonial robe, of Asian origin, with exaggerated butterfly sleeves and an empire waist line.  The main portion or skirt of the robe is made from a lovely soft gold silk brocade depicting Asian symbols and chrysanthemums. 

The front portion of the robe is covered with a red brocaded apron trimmed in black velvet while the back portion of the robe is covered with a gold brocaded apron or panel depicting  Asian symbols and is also trimmed in black velvet.  The exaggerated butterfly sleeves are trimmed with a wide black and gold metallic border.  The robe itself has an interior string type of closure and one button closure on its exterior.  There is some faint staining on each sleeve and a surface smudge on the right sleeve. However, these minor flaws are hardly noticeable due to the voluminous amount of fabric used in each exaggerated sleeve.   

One would think that the wide variety of fabric choices used would create a very incongruous effect.  However, the fabric choices, despite being so varied, create a very pleasing, attractive, dramatic and harmonious design.  The robe would most likely accommodate any S/M/L type figure.

Collector: Patricia Jon's Collection

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Tags: Vintage, robe, kimono, robes, Elaborate Asian Robe with Exaggerated Butterfly Sleeves

Elaborate Asian Robe with Exaggerated Butterfly Sleeves
Elaborate Asian Robe with Exaggerated Butterfly Sleeves Elaborate Asian Robe with Exaggerated Butterfly Sleeves Elaborate Asian Robe with Exaggerated Butterfly Sleeves Elaborate Asian Robe with Exaggerated Butterfly Sleeves Elaborate Asian Robe with Exaggerated Butterfly Sleeves Elaborate Asian Robe with Exaggerated Butterfly Sleeves Elaborate Asian Robe with Exaggerated Butterfly Sleeves Elaborate Asian Robe with Exaggerated Butterfly Sleeves Elaborate Asian Robe with Exaggerated Butterfly Sleeves Elaborate Asian Robe with Exaggerated Butterfly Sleeves

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